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Associate Trainers

Our Associate Trainers bring a wealth of experience from working in a variety of settings with both young people and adults.  They inspire and support the people they work with and bring their own approach to training, from fun and empowering to positive and nurturing. 


Will Baish

Will brings valuable life experience to his work with young people; as a fireman, Will naturally demonstrates integrity, level-headedness and the ability to work under extreme pressure.  Through his work with the Prince’s Trust, Will is able to raise confidence and self-belief in young adults; helping them explore and expand on their own ideas, develop their sense of worth and self-belief. In schools, Will has also worked with young people to enhance their learning through motivational coaching and encouragement.   


James Botting

James is full of energy and enthusiasm and brings this to any task or situation he is in. James builds rapport quickly and increases young people’s levels of motivation to want to try hard and be successful. Having been employed by the Raleigh International Schools Awareness Project in Southern India, James has designed and delivered engaging and interactive personal development workshops to students. James has been part of the National Citizen Service delivery team where he has mentored groups of 16-17 year olds.


Sophia Christodoulou

Sophia a Psychology graduate and has a keen desire to help and support others by working in the community and in particular, helping young people to prepare for their future.  Sophia has delivered Well-being programmes to young people and worked with Greater Manchester Probation Service on a programme to change attitudes and challenge stereotypes. Sophia has also worked with us delivering the National Citizen Service and has motivated young people to challenge and believe in themselves, step outside their comfort zones.   


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