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Behaviour Management Training

Understanding Behaviour and Positive Behaviour Management:

A chance to re-visit values, beliefs and attitudes before considering some of the causes and reasons why behaviour changes. Understand some of the approaches and techniques that can be used to successfully manage low and medium level behaviour through a range of strategies and practical approaches. Learning from this day will help you develop a preventative approach, strengthen relationships and increase levels of cooperation and engagement.


Managing Challenging Behaviour:

Some of the behaviour we are faced with can be intimidating and aggressive. We will consider why some young people assert themselves in the way they do and why they can be intent on controlling situations. Explore effective responses and approaches to a range of challenging behaviours such as non-compliance, physical and verbal aggression and out-right refusal. A significant focus of the day is to develop professional practice and approach that will reduce conflict, de-escalate situations to maintain a safe and positive environment. 


Lunchtime Supervisor Training:

Lunchtime supervisors need to know the school policy and procedures and be confident to engage with young people; providing guidance and choices to help them manage challenges with friendships, avoid conflict, develop independence and improve their play & social skills. There are 6 sessions available, each with a different focus that will help lunchtime supervisors improve their confidence, implement routines and learn practical strategies to help them in their role. 

This includes: Between 2 and 6 in-house sessions which are most relevant for your staff: delivered in the mornings before lunchtime duty starts.

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