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Grow: 1-2 Year Partnerships

We see the most impact when we work in partnership on a whole school approach and with long term vision and goals; working to strengthen policy, establish support networks, train staff and develop skills. 

Our GROW Partnerships focus on strategic long term support where we work alongside you to embed, grow and sustain character education across your school; in a way that’s relevant to the needs of you, your young people and your staff. We build a partnership plan that's right for you; which will ensure sustainability. 


Within your partnership plan you will have:

Skills development: one focus for each year group, including;

Personal & Social Development • Employability & Life Skills • Growth Mindset

      Preventing Exclusion • Mental Toughness • Behaviour & Culture Change

Staff CPD: training and professional development to help staff understand more about the challenges young people face, barriers to learning and how to develop essential skills in young people. 
Presentation to Parents:  a session to communicate the key messages to parents and carers and ensure they can support the school and their child.
Presentation to Students: assembly speaker to inspire young people and engage them in the programmes that they will be involved in across schoool. 
Mapping and planning support: strategic planning support to ensure that you have a clear plan that is built around your needs and aims; including key staff we will work with, timescales, aims and objectives. 


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