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Character Champions

The Character Champions Programme

We train young people across the different year groups in school to become Character Champions. Young people are the strongest and most powerful advocates of each other. We know that young people can inspire, motivate and engage their peers in a way that adults can’t. The programme empowers and equips young people with character skills and values to ensure that you embed Character Education throughout your school. As a Character Champion, they will work alongside the adults in school to be voice of young people for young people.

Character Champions will:

Understand the key skills that are essential for learning, employability & life; including character and 21st century skills

Champion character development in school - help you identify what young people need and want
Listen actively to their peers and share ideas of what skills they need help with 

Support and encourage peers to develop skills and forge links between character and attainment
Make sure everyone understands what it means and the opportunities available to them in school

Most importantly they will: help define, model, shape and reinforce your school values creating an ethos and culture within the school environment that thrives on challenge, success and embracing failure. 


Some of the roles that Character Champions take on include:

Inspirational assembly talks and events to champion skills/talents 

Promote skills development information and how individuals can lead their character development

Work with other young people who might be struggling with self-esteem

Run school workshops focused on key skills and support young people to recognise strengths and goals

Be involved in the Youth Board or Student Council working with SLT

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