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Conflict Resolution

Finding ways to negotiate differences of opinion and outlook can be very challenging for adults and young people. These issues can be overwhelming and create power struggles, tension and anxiety. We help you develop approaches and techniques to resolve differences, helping you understand how conflict situations arise and recognise when and how to intervene safely. Our training will help you consider the positive aspects of conflict and how everyone can win when conflict is managed effectively. Learn more about what triggers conflict and consider how our responses are key to either diffusing or escalating situations. 


The day will help you develop the understanding and confidence needed to resolve and prevent conflict situations and enable you to develop effective conflict resolution skills in young people through modelling the win:win approach. We help you see the whole picture, understand how feelings drive conflict and practice how to negotiate solutions: 

Understand:  what conflict is  •  understand needs & anxieties  •  see the other perspective

Recognise: triggers to conflict  •  stages of escalation  •  read the signs of escalation

Respond: fight or flight responses  •  verbal communication and body language  •  self-calming techniques

Resolve: explore solutions  •  negotiate with questioning & listening  •  work together for the Win:Win


Benefits to you:

  • Increase understanding of what conflict is
  • Greater awareness of triggers and stages of escalation
  • Learn and practice self-calming techniques
  • Practice negotiation and exploring solutions
  • Awareness to help identify changes in own practice
  • Toolkit of ideas and practical techniques to take away
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