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A growing number of young people are leaving education with a gap in skillsets essential for the workplace. Alongside academic and vocational qualifications, employers expect social and organisational skills that don't come easily to everyone. 

Ideal for young people in Year 10-13, the workshops can be run as a full day, half day or short carousel sessions. They will help young people to understand what emplyers are looking for and identify what they need to do get work ready.  We focus on: 

  • Positive mindset and attitude
  • Self-confidence and courage
  • Effective communication
  • Planning and organisation
  • Team work

The workshops have been designed in consultation with employers and further education establishments; they focus on practical skills of CV writing, interview skills and on the more challenging aspects of personal and social development.


Workshop 1: I Can, I Am, I Will

This workshop will help young people to identify their individual values and vision for the future, take ownership of their decisions and begin to devise a plan to support their future aspirations.


  • Knowledge and understanding of the ‘Wheel of Success’
  • A range of techniques to adopt a positive mindset
  • Strategies, techniques and approaches to manage challenges
  • Explore, identify and understand more about their skills and strengths
  • Become more accountable for decisions made

Workshop 2: My Choice, My Plan

The second workshop will have a clear focus of ‘starting with the end in mind’ and enables young people to understand how to make their vision into a reality through effective and ambitious future planning.


  • Awareness of what others see and how to present yourself effectively
  • Increased self-confidence and motivation
  • Improved communication and language
  • Understanding of how to turn vision and aspirations into reality
  • Knowledge and understanding to develop an impactful CV

Workshop 3: Creating My Future History

Plans often need altering along the employment journey, as a number of challenges can emerge unexpectedly. The third workshop will support young people to understand how to course correct to ensure they are resilient and persistent to achieve their goals.


  • Ability to view challenges as opportunities for change and personal growth  
  • Identify potential skills gaps and a plan to improve
  • Establish realistic personal milestones to ensure future success
  • Strategies, techniques and approaches to course correct when things don’t go to plan
  • Impactful reflection and planning next steps

CV/Personal Statement Surgery:

Whether young people are applying for a job or writing their personal statement for further education it is crucial that they stand out from the crowd. Employers often read the same terminology and phrases in CV’s time and time again. Attending the surgery will be an opportunity for students to have their CV/personal statement constructively critiqued and challenged. Students will be given the option of booking a 15-minute slot to talk through their own CV or Personal Statement. 

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