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Event Speaking

We are accomplished speakers, proud of our reputation for real passion and ability to connect with our audience. We inspire, motivate and engage audiences on a range of subjects:

Character Education: The Real Value of Developing Character in Young People

Authentic Youth Voice and Leadership

The Authentic You

Unleash the Entrepreneur in You

Being Successful in Business as an Ethnic Minority

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Resilience Before Success

British Values

We are able to talk at your event to help increase your audience's understanding of the meaning of ‘British Values’ and explore the differences between Religion and Culture; so people can truly understand and respect the differences between individuals and communities. 

You can contact us directly or find us on the School Speakers website 



"Thankyou for discussing 'The Power of Student Voice' at our Student conference. It was great to hear from someone so knowledgeable and passionate about empowering young people."

Mark Owen, Student Services Manager, Northampton College





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