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Jeremy May

Regional Manager, Training & Development.  

Specialist expertise: Management and leadership training, personal development and employability skills, team working and project management.

Jeremy's background in retail and hospitality gives him a commercial perspective on teamwork, employability and leadership. Having designed, developed and delivered impactful training and professional development programmes in management, leadership and teamworking, he has outstanding insight into what makes the best corporate and organisational teams successful. Leadership skills are fundamental, both for managers and the leaders of the future and Jeremy has particular expertise in facilitating the development of personal skills and leadership abilities in everyone he works with.

Jeremy's recent business sector projects have tackled international cultural differences, supported the development of learner-centric training programmes, helped professionals to strengthen their peer relationships and facilitated cultural change through shared vision and culture. In all of these, he is passionate about using inspiring and creative training techniques to make workshops and sessions relevant and engaging for the target group.


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