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This is where we share what we've been up to as well as things that have caught our attention in the news. We are keen to hear and share what's happening in other communities too. So please let us know if anything has caught your attention.


Presenting at the School Leaders’ Summit at this year’s Education Show, gave us a chance to talk through the reason why Character Education is vital and the journey schools can take to embed sustainable and impactful approaches to character education across their school communities. Supporting a clear and evidenced correlation between academic attainment and character education, Nikki May spoke about ‘Character Education; Preparing Students for Life in Modern Britain’ which was insightful and gave supportive and practical steps to improve how we develop performance and moral values and virtues which are essential for life and work. 

british values Promoting British Values: Speaker presentations and student workshop bookings for the Spring and Summer term 2016 are filling up. We are working with more schools now providing workshops and speaker presentations in order to promote fundamental British Values and ensure staff and young people understand diverse values and cultures and learn how to accept and respect others with different religions and backgrounds. Contact us to find out more about our British Values workshops and Speaking. read more...
Mental Toughness training The team have been working with young people this term, on building resilience through our Mental Toughness programme. We've been working with some incredible young people who have shown committment to making changes and developing skills that will help them bounce back when the going gets tough.  These are real skills for life that drive success and develop a sense of pride. read more...
Aspirations and Enterprise workshops

A jam-packed term delivering Aspiration and Enterprise workshops has started well with some enjoyable and thought-provoking workshops to young people. They've ventured beyond the classroom and been challenged to think beyond the here and now and consider what they want in their futures.  We've been blown away by the contributions and levels of engagement from young people and have been proud of their commitments to change. "The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the week - they've had the chance to think about themselves and what they want in the future but also what they need to do to be successful."  Key Stage Leader.

Student Leadership training

Enhancing the primary to secondary transition for students remains high on our priorities and we are working with Secondary Schools this term to help them provide an inspiring and motivating start for their Year 7s.  We're looking forward to training more Student Leaders this term so they can provide transition and peer support across their schools. One school reported; "We displayed the pupil quotes and session overviews of our new PSHE transition days at our Open evening last night and one parent commented on how it managed to ‘capture all of his sentiments about positive growth in adolescent years’ which I thought you would like to hear." Great feedback - thank you!


The upcoming national launch of Hero’s Journey Transition PSHE Programme is fast approaching and will help schools develop key character and meta-cognition skills for successful primary to secondary transition. Transition is filled with challenges and also opportunities and it's vital that young people are prepared to ensure they achieve personal growth, academic success and develop the confidence to participate in a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities to help them reach their potential. A Hero’s Journey will be available to Primary, SEN and Secondary schools and will be launched as a result of an extensive and successful 3-year pilot in 56 schools; which have demonstrated impact and positives outcomes for young people. read more...

Behaviour management northampton
Our annual Behaviour for Learning NQT training, delivered in partnership with the University of Northampton, has been a huge success again this year.  An insightful day ensuring that NQTs are up to date and confident with the new Inspection Framework; Behaviour, Personal Development and Welfare strand and what is really needed to ensure Teaching Standards are confidently met.  A greater focus this year on preventing and tackling low level disruption with impactful behaviour management; encouraging every NQT to ensure that behaviour for learning and positive attitudes are both nurtured and expected. A visiting Senior School Leader observing the training commented, "Every NQT in schools should have this training - the sessions have covered so much in terms of knowledge and practical strategies."  
Mental Toughness Northampton
Gateway are excited to be working with more schools this term to help them introduce and embed impactful PSHE and Character Education.  The launch of new updated materials in our mental toughness training will strengthen a programme that has already made a difference to many young people in primary and secondary schools as well as youth organisations. 
School speakers

We're looking forward to speaking to young people over the coming months as part of the School Speakers network; providing inspirational, challenging and thought-provoking talks and workshops to adults and young people on topics such such as Motivation for Success, Character Education, British Values and Youth Voice.  Read more on the school speakers website...  

NCS training

NCS teams are in the midst of recruiting for next Spring and Summer 2016 NCS programmes. Having seen thousands of young people graduate from Summer and Autumn programmes, it will soon be time for the next round of graduations. We'll be working with NCS Local Delivery Partners in different parts of the country to deliver ncs training and provide support to help them recruit and get programme ready.  read more...










































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