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Mental Toughness

3 day Mental Toughness training: (primary and secondary)

Our Mental Toughness programmes have significant impact on the young people we work with. We see growth and changes during the programme in how young people become more tolerant, start taking responsibility and show motivation to want to change. Develop positive attitudes and ability to manage emotions and recover resiliently to setbacks.

Young people are able to recognise strengths and skills and most importantly, develop self-belief and confidence in themselves and their ability to achieve. As a result of developing Mental Toughness, young people will:

have improved emotional control

feel more confident

be more receptive to challenge

be motivated to participate and engage

Young people begin their journey of developing Mental Toughness during the initial training which we build on afterwards during 1:1 or group intervention sessions. We support young people to transfer learning. As a result, we see: 

Improved behaviour in and out of the classroom

Responsibilty for decisions and actions

Resilience to peer pressure and negative influences

More resepectful relationships between staff and peers

Independent learners getting more involved in learning 

Aspirations and motivation to set goals and be successful


Having completed initial training, young people are incredibly receptive and welcoming of follow on coaching and support. We take the pressure out of timetabling and staffing constraints you may have, we provide essential and consistent intervention. We see real change take place in how they apply skills and learning into practical every day.


Group sessions:

Ideal for small groups of between 3-6 young people, depending on their needs and challenges. We work with the group to improve peer support, develop belonging, increase motivation to improve behaviour, identify personal challenges and set and review goals. Duration: 4 group sessions


1:1 coaching:

Essential for selected young people who need additional support to help them overcome embedded behaviours in school and support them to tackle challenges faced both at school and home. Duration: 10 weekly sessions


Revision and Study Support:

Focus on exam readiness by applying Mental Toughness learning and skills. We combine this with learning styles, revision and study skills techniques. Duration: 2 half days


Mental Toughness is underpinned by staff training, student journals and a parent information session.

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