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NCS Recruitment Training

This one-day workshop is specific, relevant and to-the-point. The day starts off by exploring  the NCS ethos, values and principles which are essential elements that underpin everyone's role.  We then go on to discuss and consider how to recruit and engage young people.  The group will patricipate in activities which share a range of effective  techniques, ideas and approaches that have been successful in 'selling' the NCS experience as well as ensuring that young people remain engaged and turn up on day 1.

This can delivered as two day workshop combined with behaviour, safeguarding and conflict training.


Outcomes from the day:

  • Enhanced understanding of the NCS ethos, values and principles
  • A range of  different strategies to engage young people at the recruitment stage
  • Engaging ways of talking to young people about NCS
  • Solutions to overcome everyday challenges faced with recruiting and engaging young people
  • Practical ways to ensure young people stay signed up and turn up on Day 1
  • Techniques and activities transferrable to working with young people 
  • Strengthened team working and recruitment strategy



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