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NCS Training

We are an NCS Trust approved training provider and we offer a range of training options to support other NCS NCS Local Delivery teams. The Gateway team has successfully delivered large capacity NCS programmes across Northamptonshire. Based on our direct hands-on practical involvement in the recruitment of young people, team leader training and the direct delivery of the programme, our training equips NCS teams with new and enhanced skills so they can recruit and deliver NCS in their local area.  


NCS Ethos & Recruitment Training: Engaging & Retaining Young People

Underpinned by the NCS ethos, values and principles, this will take you through proven steps to recruit and engage young people. You will participate in activities which share a range of effective techniques, ideas and approaches that have been successful in 'selling' the NCS experience as well as ensuring that young people remain engaged and turn up.


NCS Safeguarding, Child Protection and Behaviour Training 
Develop your understanding and awareness of some of the challenges faced when working with a diverse group of young people, including safeguarding, managing conflict and behaviour. Bringing the matters of behaviour and safeguarding together, this workshop considers safe practices and ways of working to ensure that everyone stays safe. 


Bespoke NCS Training for Local Delivery Partners:

We know that each NCS team faces unique challenges recruiting and delivering NCS so we can deliver bespoke workshops and training. Please contact us to chat about what would help your team or to book a workshop.


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