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Developing Character and Meta-cognition Skills 

Our Transition programmes enable young people to explore, question and discuss common feelings and issues associated with transition. They are encouraged to consider ways that they can use their skills and knowledge to help them settle in and navigate through situations that may occur at secondary school. 


Primary Schools: The Hero’s Journey programme enables young people to develop a range of Learning-to-Learn and character skills; increasing their self-awareness of their strengths and skills. The sessions reduce anxiety, increase pupil confidence and motivates learners to participate fully in school life. Skills and values that are explored in A Hero's Journey transition sessions include; Respect, Resilience, Independence and Organisation.


Secondary Schools: Make It Count is a values-based transition programe which provides a great start for Year 7 students. The programme helps the school set expectations, establish a positive culture and ethos and quickly helps young people develop a sense of belonging. Sessions explore a range of themes including; decision making, choices, peer influence, identity and belonging. 


Staff training includes:

  • Staff guidance
  • Weekly session plans 
  • Parent/carer letter
  • Assessment & evaluation tools
  • 2 sets of teaching resources
  • Pupil Learning Journal (photocopiable)
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