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About us

All of our team are experienced and have backgrounds in developing skills in adults and young people. We have spent many years working with children, young people and adults in schools, colleges and businesses and worked with them to help them reach their potential. 


Our Background: 

With our experience within the youth sector and education, combined with commercial leadership and management experience, the team deliver impactful programmes and strong partnerships to improve outcomes for all young people, especially the most disadvantaged and vulnerable. Our knowledge of culture, behaviour, leadership and employability helps us tackle the challenges faced by both young people and adults. 


Our Approach: 

We help adults engage with young people on a whole new level. We work with you to create a culture of high expectations and aspirations for young people; which nurtures independent learning, positive discipline and creates a community of mutual respect.  Our values and strengths based programmes help young people to be confident and empowered to take make their own decisions, take on responsibility, engage in education and prepare for adult life. We work quickly to identify, address and support young people through barriers that are preventing them from achieving their potential.

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